Airtel Nigeria Unveils Airtel Insurance

Airtel Nigeria has collaborated with MicroEnsure and Cornerstone Insurance in order to launch its latest, free insurance product. The product offers Airtel customers life and hospitalisation insurance with increasing benefits based on monthly airtime recharge.
The product, which is named Airtel Insurance is packaged to deliver insurance services and encourage insurance culture among Nigerians. According to Airtel, the product has been endorsed by the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM). It is open to all Nigerian residents between the ages of 18 and 65 years. Dial *259# to register for the service.
All hospitalisations are covered, both for natural and accidental causes, with no medical exclusions, making it widely accessible and generous free insurance cover in the country.
Airtel Insurance rewards Airtel customers with a renewable monthly life and hospitalisation cover based on the amount of monthly airtime recharged. Customers can qualify for this insurance by recharging as little as N1,000 with Airtel each month, and as they increase their monthly recharge, they earn more insurance cover – with up to N 500,000 and N50,000 of life insurance and hospitalisation cover per month. Airtel Insurance becomes active on the first day of month following registration, and is based on the amount of airtime recharged the previous month, with a minimum monthly recharge of N 1,000
Customers also have a variety of packages to choose from. With a monthly recharge of N1,000 Airtel insurance gives the customer N10,000 hospitalisation and N100,000 life insurance while N5,000 recharge will earn customers as much as N25,000 hospitalisation and N250,000 life insurance. A N10,000recharge will attract N50,000 hospitalisation and N500,000 life insurance.
Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Maurice Newa explained that majority of Nigerians especially the middle and low income earners in Nigeria cannot afford most available insurance policies due to income levels and complicated insurance processes. He said the Airtel Insurance plan on the other hand was designed to make affordable insurance available to everyone in a simple manner.
“In line with our vision to enrich the lives of Nigerians and offer them quality services, Airtel Nigeria collaborated with twovery reputable insurance organisations to package this innovative product which guarantees our customers quality, affordable and accessible insurance services. This further corroborates Airtel’s commitment towards creating a robust platform that helps customers accomplish their professional and personal success and goals in life,” Newa said.
“MicroEnsure is proud to be leading the world as a mobile insurance provider, and this launch in Nigeria marks a milestone in free mobile insurance offerings,” commented Peter Gross, Regional Director for MicroEnsure Africa. “This combination of insurance products, all offered for free, is unprecedented in the industry here, and we take pride in introducing a cutting edge micro-insurance product here in Nigeria.”
Ganiyu Musa, Group MD of Cornerstone Insurance PLC, said, “Cornerstone is delighted to be at the forefront of providing truly innovative products and channels combinations that address the Nigerian situation. That we are grossly under-insured as a nation is very well documented; we are glad to be able to provide a platform for millions of financially excluded Nigerians to enjoy the benefits and peace of mind of insurance – for free. As we say at Cornerstone, “The Future” is, indeed, “Assured.”
Source: IT News Africa

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