Auldon Toys Introduces Pan African Malaika Range Of Dolls

Following the noteworthy success of its first Nigerian theme dolls, Unity Girl dolls, specifically designed to promote girl-child education and tourism, Auldon Limited has again introduced a new range of Dolls, with an expanded focus targeted at uniting African’s, called Malaika Unity Girl, Africa.
Malaika Unity Girl, Africa, a 14 inch tall Afrocentric doll, beautifully dressed in local African attire is fashioned out to depict Africa’s rich culture, lifestyle and values which Africa’s girl child is expected to inculcate from infancy, in order to make her that ideal woman of the future. 
According to the company which trades its toys with the brand name Auldon Toys, the introduction of Malaika Unity Dolls will further spread the social relevance and impact of Unity Girls’ dolls across Africa through its strategic partnership with some major South African chain stores in view of the large spread of countries they operate in within the continent. 
Unity Girl dolls which was originally conceived not only as a commercial venture but also a project targeted at impacting lives of people, particularly children within and outside the areas in which it operates sets aside a fraction of its sales proceeds for rundown Primary and Nursery Government school rehabilitation. 
Having observed its commendable support towards the development of education in Lagos State over the years, the company was early this year, singled out for recognition by the Lagos State Government for its unwavering commitment to the development of schools in the State. 
Paul Orajiaka, the Chief Executive Officer of Auldon Toys speaking on the introduction, said “When we first conceptualised Unity dolls, our intention at that time was to carefully detach the unrealistic psyche of some very popular brands that impacted no cultural or moral benefit to the Nigerian girl child.  More importantly, the dolls are packaged with the intention of influencing a more tolerant society and by extension, continent united in diversity. 
He Continued: “Now taking into consideration, the remarkable success we recorded with the Unity Girl Dolls in Nigeria, we decided to replicate that same success with the purpose of ensuring we equip the African girl child with the right values needed to take Africa to the height we all envisage. As future Mothers, it must be said that the girl child no doubt plays a key role in shaping the African continent as a whole”. 
“Our model is based on the idea of harnessing the power of buyers who want to make an impact with their purchases. We have portrayed Unity Girl as far more than a doll, with a brand identity, which represents the social concern bordering around the challenges of the girl child, particularly education and the ware-fare in Nigeria and the world at large. 
At the moment, it has become a household name among Nigerian parents and now we are working hard to push this further across the entire African continent and that is why we are planning on stocking the shelves of major chain stores across Africa with Malaika Unity Girl. 
Also Speaking on the introduction of Malaika Unity Girl, Chiamaka Ezewanne the company’s General Manager stated that they are proud of the massive success so far recorded by the first line of multicultural dolls with deep Nigerian root which was introduced last year. To this end they decided to make this laudable project Pan-African as it concerns changing the girl child fascination with white coloured dolls which has no semblance with that of the beautiful African skin, look or cultural representation across Africa. Not forgetting the social impact associated with the dolls which has seen Auldon Toys empower local women who make the African attires for the dolls, locally.
The Malaika Unity doll which is a wholly Nigerian concept developed to attune children to Africa’s rich culture, history and tourist destinations has unique values such as instilling community development initiative in the minds of young girls so they can contribute to their families, communities, countries, and the world at large. It highlights Africa’s rich values and traditions and possesses the power to educate and influence the minds of young girls who come in contact with these dolls which is bound to substantially help them determine what is valuable, in and around them culturally rather than the negative influence the white coloured dolls impact on them.

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