Beer mar ket on the Decline as Jonnie WalkerWalks in with Gold Label

The Nigerian beer market is on the decline, slowing 11 percent in 2013. Previously it declined 7.4 percent in 2012.
The biggest casualty were in the high end brands mainly imports- Becks, Carlsberg, amongst it’s like.
The malt market declined by six percent, as consumers shift to low sugar products- Amstel and Malta Guinness.
Johnnie Walker, a brand of scotch whisky owned by Diageo launched its Gold label brand in Nigeria.
Johnnie Walker is known to be the world’s best selling whisky Diageo and has been operating in Nigeria since 1962 through its subsidiary Guinness Nigeria.
Popular brands include Smirnoff Ice, Malta Guinness, Guinness Extra smooth
The Gold label is dubbed ‘the celebration blend’.
It is expected to be a compelling option during celebrations/parties.
Available in 70cl and 1 litre bottles.

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