Consumers say opt out of Coca-cola because of arrogance in price hike

Mineral drinks consumers say, Pepsi cola became a major choice because Coca-cola, earlier arrogantly hike price of product.
Most of the respondents to questionnaire, say they initially opted out of drinking Coca-cola because of the brand perceived arrogance in increasing their prices ahead of others.
over 70 pet cent of the respondents admits that, they became hooked after a short while and continued with the brand, even when their prices became the same.
Retailers that responded, also said, the trouble they go through before getting Coca-cola to buy was more hectic. And besides, the-profit margin for them was better, selling Pepsi that sell Coca-cola, that was not selling fast again.
For, now, other up-coming products are threatening to cut into the market shares of the two giants, weighing on lower price and the biting economy.
Pepsi cola have eased revivals, Coca-cola to a second position in the market in terms of sales and visibility,, a survey carried out by DataMania Consult Limited has shown.
The survey showed that, Pepsi now dominate the market in Lagos and immediate environment, particularly in the mainland areas.
The survey is pulled from the number of people who drink the brand in office places, open markets, along the traffic sales and in parties.
A sample size of 10 people in various offices show that over six out of 10 people prefer Pepsi, while less than three people still prefer their traditional Coca-cola and the remainder opt for other new brands in the market.
sales along traffic in Lagos show that about seven people out of the sample size of 10 are seen going for Pepsi, while other brands like Big and Coca-cola share the remaining 30 per cent of the sales.
But going to places like Lekki and parts of Victoria Island (VI), Coca-cola has the upper hand. Around Lekki Ibeji axis, Pepsi is hardly seen sold along the road.
About eight people out of the sample size of 10 are seen buying or drinking Coca-cola, while the other brands scramble for the remainder 20 per cent.
When traveling out of Lagos, on the road, again, Pepsi is more visible than its closest rival Coca-cola, while other brands are seem struggling for attention.
DataMania survey findings show that, earlier price war was mostly responsible for Pepsi edging Coca-cola out of the top position.

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