Dangote Group appoints Mukhtar as chief strategy officer

As parts of its initiatives towards restructuring for global expansion, Pan African Conglomerate, Dangote Group has appointed a new Group Chief Strategist, Abdu Mukhtar.
Mukhtar is expected to deploy his rich experience to provide overall management oversight for all the functions within the newly created Corporate Strategy Department.
Mukhtar will assist the Group President, Alike Dangote to provide overall strategic direction for the Group and develop short, medium and long-term plans to achieve the Group’s strategic objectives and long-term vision.
Dr. Mukhtar has acquired extensive experience in both private and public sectors across Africa, Asia, North America and the Middle East, in areas such as privatisation, public-private partnerships, private equity, management consulting and entrepreneurship development.
Until recently, he was the Group Managing Director/CEO of the Abuja Investments Company and chaired the Boards of a dozen subsidiary companies. He also sits on the Boards of several non-profit organisations.
Dr. Mukhtar received a medical degree from ABU Zaria, a Ph. D. from Boston University, an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School.
He also received certificates in Corporate Governance and Leadership from INSEAD and Oxford University respectively. He is a recipient of several international awards.

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