Decklar Resources gets nod to export crude oil from TNP facility

Decklar Resources Inc. and its co-venturer Millenium Oil & Gas Company Limited have obtained necessary permits required to sell and export crude oil from the Oza Oil Field.
This include the approximately 8,000 barrels previously delivered to Umugini Pipeline Infrastructure Limited, UPIL, and held in storage at the Forcados export terminal tank farm as well as future exports through the Bonny Terminal.
Also, trucking of crude oil has continued from the Oza Oil Field to the Edo Refinery and Petrochemicals Company Limited, ERPC, and the Duport Midstream Company Limited, DMCL, refinery in Edo State.
Total trucked deliveries have now surpassed the 75,500 bbl mark.
Decklar and Millenium have received four of the five permits required to commence exports through the Trans-Niger Pipeline, TNP, and the Bonny Export Terminal.
The last remaining permit required to allow for access and injection of production from the Oza Oil Field into the TNP for transport to the Bonny Terminal is for the fiscal metering unit, which has been re-certified and tested in the field.
Trucking of oil from the Oza Oil field has continued to the ERPC facility and to the DMCL refinery, both located in Edo State, Nigeria.
Delivery of a total of over 75,500 bbls has been completed to date, with over 60,000bbls delivered to ERPC and over 15,000 bbls delivered to DMCL.
Progress to Re-Establish Pipeline Access: Decklar and Millenium have completed re-certification of fiscal metering equipment and continue to await the final permit and approval from Nigerian government agencies to allow for access and production into the TNP.
The TNP flows into the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (“SPDC”) operated Bonny export terminal and was reopened in April 2023.
The TNP had been shut down for over one year due to damage, vandalism and high line losses.
Efforts and support from the Nigerian government are credited to a great degree for the resumption of operations. Trucking of oil From the Forcados export terminal and to export crude oil shortly after the start delivering through the TNP and Bonny terminal.
Trucking of oil has continued from the ENP and Bonny terminal.

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