FG Seals Indomie Noodles Outlet, Other Filling Stations In Abuja

The federal government yesterday in Abuja sealed Multipro Enterprises Limited, a company that repackages Indomie Noodles at the Central Business District.
The action followed refusal by the management of the company to allow the inspection team of the Weights and Measures Department of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment into the company’s premises for inspection.
Request by the team to inspect the company’s repackaging processes was out rightly turned down, even as the security firmly shut the company’s gates to deny the team entry.  
Leader of the team, Engineer Sidi Mohammed Sada, who explained that the exercise was part of the department’s routine activities in the market and retail outlets to check the weighing and measuring instrument used for trading and ensure  that  they  reflect the exclusive metric measure indicator of weights and measures in conformity with the Weights and Measures Act,  said Multipro Enterprises Limited would be sanctioned and prosecuted in line with the provisions of the Weight and Measures Act.
“We came to check the accuracy of the equipment, the legality of those equipment and the pre-packaged goods being sold in the market which might be short- measured, short- weighed and used for trading,” he said.
 “The law permits us to seal the premises, invite and charge them under Section 17 of the Act, for obstruction,” he added.
The team also made several stops at commodity outlets in the city and discovered that consumers had been short-changed as most weighed less than the actual weight claimed.
Most of the bags flour, rice, and sugar tested weighed 49kg or less against the 50kg labelled on the bags.
The team also sealed some filling stations in the city after it was discovered that they short-changed motorists.
“Most of the flow meters we have tested are not accurate enough in line with the provision of the Act. The Act provides for plus or minus six mils for every 20 litres. But what we have found out ranges from point one to point five of a litre for every 20 litres measured,” Sada said.
 Chief among the defaulting stations is Conoil Filling Station at Area One where it was discovered that the station made almost an extra N36.86 gain from every 20 litres of petrol sold to motorists.
Sidi-Sada  said  government would not fold its arms and watch the operators cheating  innocent motorists, adding that  the department would continue to carry out periodic surveillance on the filling stations and the ministry would not relent until there was total compliance with the directive.

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