Fresh impetus for the African Air Transport Professions Institute (IAMA) S.A.

Air France, ASECNA SERVICES SA/AG and ASAM S.A. are joining forces to develop an institute at the forefront of aeronautical training in western and central Africa.
With its acquisition of a 55 per cent holding, ASAM S.A. is joining ASECNA SERVICES SA/AG (35 per cent) and Air France Finance (10 per cent) as owners of IAMA’s capital so that they can develop the African Air Transport Professions Institute (IAMA). Based in Bamako (Mali), the institute is at the forefront of aeronautical training in western and central Africa.
IAMA was established as a private Malian company in 2005 at the initiative of the Malian State, ASECNA and Air France. IAMA (a training body authorised by the Mali National Civil Aviation Agency) is an IATA-accredited training school that offers a full range of aeronautical training in Regulatory fields (dangerous goods, safety, flight security, human factors), Trades (loading, air traffic, operations, ramp, handling, check-in, freight, ticketing), and Specialised fields (ALTÉA DC reservation system, ticketing, maintenance of ramp equipment, commercial attitudes and management).
Dominique Dreuil, Chief Executive Officer of ASAM SA, said: ‘IAMA has a very important role to play in the region, as it is the only African provider of aeronautical training that meets international standards. This is an innovative project that makes a lot of sense. We have a specific educational and cultural approach. Our ambition is to expand the range of training to include other aeronautical fields in the near future.’
Mohamed Moussa, Chief Executive Officer of ASECNA, said that the institute ‘is a natural fit for ASECNA’s plans to develop synergies and add to the services provided by our three prestigious schools in western and central Africa. This institute is welcome, and will play a strategic role in strengthening the aviation sector in the region’.
Air France’s Communications Director said: ‘As a strategic partner, Compagnie Air France will endeavour to facilitate the development of this Institute, which is a credit to Mali and the surrounding region.’
In line with its aims to develop skills and professionalism to improve air transport in Africa, IAMA is ideally located opposite the President Modibo Keita Sénou International Airport in Bamako. The institute covers 15,000 square metres, with five dedicated classrooms and a large cafeteria.
The experience acquired by Air France, ASECNA SERVICES SA/AG and ASAM S.A in Africa has been made available to IAMA and enables the institute to meet its commitment to providing varied courses reflecting the aviation sector’s regional needs, all delivered by a team of highly-qualified managers and trainers who are passionate about the sector’s development in Africa.

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