MTN, Attitude And The Unofficial Hike In recharge Card Prices

There is no denying the fact that MTN is the first to roll out the GSM network in Nigeria. They have been pretty successful with about the largest number of subscribers in Nigeria. Yes, their market in Nigeria contributed much to the group’s performance.
But it appears pride, the folly of success has set in. Like the Proverbial ‘dog’ that is bent on getting lost, it refused to listen the whistle of the master – NCC. That led to a big ‘bangle’ hung on its neck, the historic fine they are yet to shrug off. For the ‘bangle’ to be removed, it took, even diplomatic efforts to relax the rigid fine, which eventually affected the company’s bottom line.
In spite of that lesson, many taught should have been a bitter lesson, MTN seems not to have shied away from breaking news or breaking the law as the case may be.
This week, the National Assembly spoke about them, but veiled as complaints about the telecommunication industry generally. About how the various companies continue to thrive in the business of sending unsolicited messages. There are other occasions, when a text message is charged twice, instead of the official N4 per message. Complaints, of course normally fall on deaf ears.
Once again, MTN has distinguished itself. In most places, particularly rural areas, the cost of buying MTN recharge cards carries additional cost, different from what is the official amount.
Intelligently, MTN has come out to disclaim the breaking news that it has hiked recharge card cost. But the evil continues unabated, with nobody really questioning the source of the hike.
The big question on the lips of many is that, why is the wicked news only associated with MTN and not the other service providers?

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