NERC Grants Additional ‘No Objection’ For MAP

Odimmegwa Johnpeter/Abuja
The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has granted eight additional ‘No Objection’ to successful applicants to participate in the procurement process for meter in the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry (NESI).
These new additions bring to 30 the total number of companies approved by the Commission to participate in meter procurement and bid process with the electricity distribution companies of their choice. Successful bidder from procurement process shall obtain Meter Asset Provider Permit from the Commission after entering into Metering Service Agreement with electricity distribution companies.
Services to be provided by Meter Asset Providers may among others include financing, procurement, installation, repair and replacement of electricity meters according to the MAP Regulations 2018.
The eight newly approved ‘No Objection’ holders include:- Carlin Concept International Nigeria Limited; Onenation Energy Platform Nigeria Limited; Armese Consulting Limited; CWG Plc; Damtaq Limited; Powerup Projects International Limited; Esinos Resources International Limited; Techadvance Limited.
Intending investors have opportunities to apply for the Commission’s ‘No Objection’ to participate in meter procurement process as it is a continuous exercise.

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