Nigeria And A Dying Economy

Nigeria once had a thriving economy. Then, we were really productive. We had cocoa, rubber, palm fruits, groundnut, cassava, and other agriculture products. W even had foresight which led to the Aladja and Ajoukuta Steel companies.
Correspondingly, Nigeria’s naira was once stronger than the U.S dollar.
But all that is now history. Nigeria has become dumping ground for all sort of products from all over the world. Even Ghana makes hay in Nigeria, while the economies of countries like Benin Republic and to some extent, Togo is largely dependent on Nigerians buying products they import.
A survey conducted by DataMania Consult shows that, when people builds houses, it is not complete until shops are attached. Many of the shops are selling almost the same thing – a super market, or mini super market. This has led to the booming business of micro finance banks. They pretend to be helping the petty traders, but in real sense are killing them. Of course, banks, the real big commercial banks will not touch these traders, but they lend to the importers who dump these goods on the smaller traders.
It is as bad as seeing some Nigerians boast – this is UK used phone. So painful that, what has expired in some countries are being shipped to Nigeria, thus not only helping those get value from waste but in the real sense paying for running of industries in other countries.
Luxury cars are being made, mostly for Nigerians who have penchant for isolating themselves from the real Nigerians.
I dare say that, the government have made it impossible for the economy to grow. How can an economy grow without electricity. You might say, with infrastructure at almost zero level, why would any sane bank lend to the manufacturing sector, they know are battling to stay afloat, and hardly able to pay salaries. Of course, the loan will most likely go down the drain.
The same government made Nigerian hospitals to be just the buildings, no equipments, no drugs. A report on best hospitals in the world put Nigeria at second from the bottom, barely better than that of Congo.
Because Nigeria has become a dumping ground, bringing goods that do not meet with world standard, strange sicknesses have been reported, which have led to some going to their grave too early.
To make matters worse, the few Nigerians who have dared to take bold steps into manufacturing have been hunted down cruelly.
No wonder, the misery of Nigerians kept worsening, with no relief in sight.

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