Panasonic unveils Industry Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solutions for the Nigerian Markets

Panasonic’s global leading ventilating solutions and air purification technology have managed to provide a healthy and comfortable living environment over the years.
Panasonic has constantly engaged in awareness programs to educate people on the importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Panasonic’s Indoor Air Quality solutions are designed and engineered to be used across various environments such as residential houses, offices, restaurants, hotels etc.
The convention offers an ideal opportunity to sample and review the wide range of innovative products on display. The key product highlights for the convention comprised of Ventilation Fan – FV-25AUF1- Wall Mount Type for kitchen, and FV-10EGS1- Wall Mount Type Ventilation Fan for Bathroom, and F-PXJ30 & F-PBJ30 for New Airpuriifer and Ceiling Fan – F-56MZ2 with new safety features.
Panasonic offers IAQ solution for kitchen & bathroom. Kitchen Ventilation Fans come equipped with a unique filter option and this filter type collects oil effectively and is ideal for kitchen use. On the other hand, Panasonic’s Wall Mount Type Bathroom Ventilation Fans are compact yet powerful. They are easy to install and help to improve indoor air quality by eliminating moisture and foul smell by using mechanical ventilation.
To further enhance indoor air quality, Panasonic has developed cutting-edge technology of producing nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles, called “nanoe”. It is capable of inhibiting house dusts and air borne pollutants as well as reducing bad smell. Panasonic nanoe Air Purifiers are very popular as they are among the best in improving indoor air quality, which is one of the effective ways to reduce cause of asthma attacks.
Also Panasonic’s remarkable ceiling fans are the only fans equipped with a variety of safety features such as “motor & blade fall off prevention” and “fire prevention” which could eliminate risk of accidents happening by improper installation
Furthermore Panasonic enhances its core technology in developing air moving equipment’s such as Range Hood (Cook Hood), Air Curtain & Hand dryer

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