Population Growth, Nigeria’s Biggest Problem Is Uncontrolled – Augusto

Let us put things into context. Every year, we add 5 million people to our population. This is roughly the size of Liberia or Montenegro. According to www.populationpyramid.net, in 1960, the population of the UK was 52 million while that of Nigeria was 46 million, by 2015 the UK was 62 million while Nigeria was 185 million.
And by 2070, Nigeria will be 550 million while the UK will be only 80 million! This means that over a period of 110 years, Nigeria will add over 500 million to her population whilst the UK would add only 30 million and the UK was coming from a higher base. This is frightening!
The wealth of a nation is measured by the output of the nation (e.g. number of tubers of yam produced) divided by the number of people going to eat yam.
Today, we are growing the number of people going to eat yam faster than we are producing tubers of yam. This reminds me of the Yoruba adage “Plenty children, plenty poverty.” The distribution of these tubers of yam (wealth) is also heavily skewed in favor of the rich. What should we do?
Population control must enter our political agenda irrespective of religious beliefs. Before we enact policies, we should study what China, India and Singapore have done in this respect and tweak to reflect the realities of our environment.
The least we must do is to encourage families to just replace themselves by having a maximum of two children. There must also be incentives to encourage people to comply and penalties for those who fail to comply.
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