Sanusi Reacts, Says He Will Challenge it in Court

In an interview with CNBC Africa this morning, Sansui Lamido Sanusi, former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor who is currently in Niger Republic attending an official ECOWAS event, says he will challenge his suspension.
“I have been told by my office that a letter was received. As you know, I flew in this morning to Niamey along with other Governors of West African Central Banks to meet with the President of Niger and President of Ghana. Fortunately, I came in with my VP Sarah Alade whom I have been asked to hand over to. I have left the meeting to hand over to her. I have just met the Nigerian Ambassador to Niger who confirmed to me that the President asked him to inform me of the decision.
About financial misconduct and recklessness he’s being accused of…
“I don’t know what they are talking about. When I come back, I will see what those allegations are. I don’t think there is any issue raised that has not been raised before. We all know what this is about. This is about consequences for decisions I have taken. This is something that is long overdue. I am surprised it took them so long.
When asked whether his suspension is politically motivated, he said
I think the answer to that is obvious. There is a legal question of whether the president has the authority to suspend the Governor and whether suspension is not removal. It will be helpful to establish the principles by court.
Even if I challenge it, I will not go back to the job. Even if I challenge it successfully, I will not go back to it. I think it will be in the interest of the institution for the courts to establish once and for all if the president has the powers to do this. If it is not challenged, the next Central Bank Governor cannot be independent with fear of being suspended by a politician. I do plan to have the courts confirm if indeed that authority exists and I will challenge it.

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