Spectranet Bags Double Awards

Premier Internet Service Provider, Spectranet 4GLTE has been recognised with two awards by BusinessDay and Nigeria Communications Week for its innovative drive in the Broadband and Internet Service sector of Nigeria’s economy.
Spectranet 4G LTE, with fast and reliable internet service for the home and office, got Beacon of ICT Award, an award put together by Nigeria Communication Week as Broadband Company of the Year and BusinessDay’s award for the Most Innovative Internet Service Provider in 2017.
In separate remarks, BusinessDay and Nigeria Communications Week, organizers of the Beacon of Information and Communication Technology (BoICT) award lauded Spectranet for its innovative efforts at providing customers with fantastic internet service and experience.
Mr. Ken Nwogbo, Editor-in Chief of Nigeria Communications week Media Limited said, the Spectranet 4GLTE brand has been a pace setter in the subsector in the last one year offering, reliable internet services in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Ibadan. According to him, when Spectranet 4GLTE announced the change of identity, he was curious as a journalist knowing that the brand at that time needed more than a new identity to win subscribers and obviously the management of Spectranet are aware of the challenges and kept rolling out innovative content from data plans to strategic pricing and outlets development that consistently enable customers to engage with the brand.
However, Mr. Nwogbo commended the management for the various initiatives and hopes that the brand will sustain the momentum.
Meanwhile, BusinessDay outlined digging deep efforts, customer-base sustainability and innovative capacity as reasons for honouring Spectranet 4GLTE with the Most Innovative Internet Service Provider Award.
“These Awards showcase companies and institutions that contributed immensely to the sustainability of their customer-base, bottom-line, exploits of untapped markets, as well as the socio-economic development of our country”.
Chief Executive Officer, Spectranet 4G LTE, Mr. David Venn, dedicated both awards to all of the brand’s loyal customers for choosing the faster, smarter and more reliable internet service.
Mr. Venn added that the awards were recognition for hard work, innovation and are a call to action for Spectranet to keep pushing the boundaries in service offerings.

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