Why Dangote Cement is Creating Awareness on  Quality

Dangote Cement has explained that its current enlightenment programme on several radio stations across the country is to educate and inform the public on the benefits of using quality cement especially the new Dangote 42.5 3X Cement in their construction works.
According to Director, Sales & Marketing, South South Region of Dangote Cement, Chux Mogbolu, the public awareness became necessary as research has shown that most cement users in Nigeria cannot differentiate between the various grades of cement and their uses hence leading to application of lower cement grade where higher grade cement is should have been used.
Mogbolu speaking during a radio programme on Delta Broadcasting Service (DBS) Asaba said that because of the abysmal level of knowledge among artisans, block makers, masons and other craftsmen in the building industry, use of 32.5 grade cement in blocking making and house building has resulted in several cases of building collapse.
Describing the qualities of the new 42.5 cement grade, he said that the grinding is better, smoother which makes it to expel pockets of air therefore preventing cracks in pillars, beams and other areas where it is used.  Dangote Cement 42.5 3X public awareness campaign he stated is more of a corporate social   responsibility project as the company is concerned with the spate of building collapse and the resulting loss of lives and properties.
The Director enjoined the public to always buy Dangote Cement, as they will be buying peace of mind and will build with peace of mind adding that the quality of products from the cement company ensures that customers always come back why the goods do not come back.
It would be recalled that as part of efforts towards eliminating the menace of building collapse, the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) embarked on the standardization of the basic inputs in building and construction like Iron and steel, roofing materials. Having completed standardization in other areas, the agency set out to review cement standard.  It adopted a holistic approach as to ensure that standards are maintained in all spheres of the building process.
Following widespread protests over rampant building collapse, the regulatory agency took the commendable step of immediate response to review cement standards in the country.  The technical committee of SON consulted widely with stakeholders from all sectors including the Nigeria Society of Engineers, COREN, Universities, researchers, builders, block makers towards fashioning a suitable cement standard regime.
The stakeholders agreed to streamline cement types, with 42.5 cement for general purposes while 32.5 will now be restricted to plastering work. SON’s effort at reviewing cement type standard is commendable as it will restore sanity to the system.

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