Zebra Group To Invest $1.1m In Agro-Industrial Operations

With the growing demand for improvement of the agricultural sector as a viable income generating industry and the need to diversify the Nigerian economy, Zebra Group, through its subsidiary, Zebra Agro-industries is expanding its agro initiatives by investing $1.1 million in agro-industrial operations.
According to the group, the focus will be on vegetable oil and animal feed processing over the course of 2016, to be located within Nigeria’s south-eastern region.
Speaking during a press briefing in Abuja, the chief executive officer of Zebra Group, Buffy Okeke-Ojiudu said: “We need to wake up to the vast and inclusive opportunities that lie within the sector and stop viewing investments in agriculture merely as aid initiatives to help the poor, we should appreciate it as a solid and viable business sector”. 
He emphasised that these initiatives by zebra agro-industries will encourage young entrepreneurs to realise the vast potentials of the agricultural sector and maximise it as such.
“Zebra agro-industries helps small holder farmers, most of whom are women, expand their farming efforts by increasing small holder income, improving productivity, expanding markets and trade as well as increasing private sector investment in agriculture,” he said. 
This development according to the company, will contribute significantly to the output of agricultural produce as well as empower local agriculturalists within the region. 
The opportunity will also further fuel zebra agro-industries commitment to the support and development of Nigerian female farmers, the group stated.
It added that these initiatives are in line with the government’s goals to diversify the Nigerian economy and reduce its dependence on oil. 

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